Front Page Furries

  • Peachie
    Sweet Peachie, loves to cuddle, She is a two year old, front paw declawed and spayed female. Born in February, 2017. She is very playful as well as affectionate, loves laser pointers and anything on the end of a string she can chase after. She enjoys sitting by windows and watching the birds. She also enjoys empty paper bags and boxes and will climb in and sit if she fits! She has grown up with a now ten year old cat whom she loves to play with. She cuddles with her and they groom one another. She has never been exposed to children or dogs, so it's unclear if she'd do well with either. Unfortunately the gal that has her now needs to rehome her as she is moving and can only take one cat with her. She needs a forever home with a someone that will give her the attention and love she wants and deserves so. Let us know if you are interested in little Peachie!
  • Bali
    Bali is an adorable calico who is just a snugglebug. She is very playful and has been around other cats all her life. She does not care for dogs. She was adopted two years ago and returned due to the dog in the home. She has been bounced around a lot and is looking for a forever loving home.
  • Joey, Rudy and Rinni
    Joey, Rudy and Rinni
    Joey (inset) is a sweet little guy, he is shy at first, and he loves his foster mates...they all play very well together. He was born mid May 2017. We would like Joey to be adopted with his foster mates Rinni (left) and Rudy (right) as he is now so bonded with them. These three would just be awesome together!