Featured Felines

  • Rudy (and Rinni)
    Rudy (and Rinni)
    Two darling kittens born in March are a very Bonded pair. So sweet and playful! A black an white male Tuxedo named Rudy and a little sweet female calico named Rinni. They are looking for a forever home together.
  • Vinnie and Ollie
    Vinnie and Ollie
    Sweet kitties, Vinnie and Ollie. These kittens were born in March of 2017. Vinnie, the black and white tuxedo loves to sit and snuggle on his foster moms lap after a day of playing. Ollie, is his sibling, who loves to play catch! He will retrieve his little fuzzy ball over and over if you throw it for him just like a puppy dog he brings it right back to you.The darling bonded pair play very well together. If you are interested in giving these two a loving home together please contact us.