Featured Felines

  • Gizmo
    Hi. My name is Gizmo. While I love to play and climb, I am shy and don’t like being held. When I get scared, my biggest comfort is hearing my brothers purring (Ollie, Jesse) so I would love to stay with one of them when I find my forever home. If you want a kitten who is a little more independent, come meet me (and my brothers) and let me steal your heart.
  • Professor X
    Professor X
    Professor X is a very tolerant kitty. He loves to follow the other cats around and rub on them affectionately. He has been introduced to dogs, but he didn’t show much interest in them. He carries toys around and has recently developed an interested in playing with water in the sink. He is a giant cat. He's very tall and big-boned. He was born approximately 3/28/2015.
  • GiGi
    GiGi is a sweet little kitty! She loves to sit on your lap and just hang out with you. She is a striped tabby with some orange in her. She prefers to be an only cat and thus your special friend. GiGi loves her canned food too. If you are interested in this little gal please let us know. (GiGi was born August 15, 2014).
  • Willow
    This is Willow and she'd like to be your new best friend. She is very loving and will follow you everywhere. She enjoys being at the center of activity. Her bags are packed and she's ready to expand her horizons. She prefers to be the only cat in your life. (Born approx November 2012)


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