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For Cat's Sake volunteers do not pick up or trap stray cats. 
We leave that to the professional staff members and facilities that are under contract with the various municipalities. 
If you are interested in trapping a stray or feral cat, contact your local Humane Society or Animal Control Facility. 
Most will rent or borrow traps and then pick up the cat once it's in the trap.



We are happy to announce that For Cat’s Sake has gained a few more foster homes. We are truly lucky to have so many people willing to open their homes to cats and kittens needing to rest their heads for a while.

We've also had quite a bit of activity these last couple weeks and have welcomed a number of new foster cats/kittens this past month...

Sweet Potato is hanging with Jacquie, Evelyn and 6 kittens are with Michelle, seven kittens left Madacc for Crystals home, Claudia and Esmerelda were rescued from a farm and are with Kelly, and Darlene has 5 new kittens staying with her. We now have 56 cats and kittens in rescue!

We had three cats adopted in September: Ella, Lena and Roman. October is off to a better start and we've placed 6 cats so far. We will be quite busy in November and December when all our little ones are old enough to be adopted.

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