Featured Felines

  • Stryper
    Strypurr is shy, but very sweet. He is the most affectionate with people (out of his siblings). He loves to cuddle and purr when he is hungry. He is easy to get to know in a smaller space and should start out that way. In a larger area, he tends to hide and be scared. He loves toys. Loves other cats and loves to play and wrestle. Very food motivated. Getting used to the dogs but tends to hide from them. Strypurr was living on the streets with his brothers before being rescued and brought into foster care. He WILL take several weeks to get used to his new home. He will need an adult-only home as fast actions from children will frighten him. His new parents will be very patient with him and have (or adopt) one other friendly cat or kitten to play with. He does not have to be adopted with his siblings.
  • Onyx
    Onyx is the most shy of his siblings. He will take longer to get used to new people and surroundings. He does like to explore and is very talkative when he wants his food or is looking for something. He LOVES toys and LOVES food. He most affectionate when hungry and getting ready to eat. He doesn't care to be held but will start to purr after being pet for a while after he feels safe. He LOVES other cats, adult and young alike. He is getting used to the dogs.
  • Bert
    Bert is a big eater and his is very food motivated. Bert enjoys any type of toys to play with and will seek you out to play. He is a friendly cat and will just sit next to you or on you, and stare at you lovingly. He enjoys being petted, cuddled with and purrs easily. He gets along great with the foster homes male cat. Bert will make a great companion, he's a total lap cat. He can be shy at first with new people, but that can easily be fixed with food. (Bert was born approximately 5/7/2016).
  • Magellan
    Magellan is a wonderfully sweet cat. The owner took a job traveling so he needs to find a new home. He is approximately 8 and1/2 years old and is front declawed. Magellan LOVES to snuggle around your neck - It is quite sweet. He would do best as an only cat, since he does not like to share his persons attention 🙂
  • Breezy
    Breezy is a darling sweet little female cat who loves to play. She was born approx March 2015. She is with other kitties now and a very confident kitty. She loves to play with her foster friends. Especially the males 🙂
  • Spirit
    Meet SPIRIT! Spirit is a fitting name for her because she is full of it! Fast and rambunctious. She will snuggle in your arms for hours if you can catch her. She spends a bit of her time bird watching and lying with her mom, KIT KAT. While she doesn't enjoy being chased by the dog, she does like to rub up against her and give her a kiss from time to time. Spirit was born April 3, 2015. Consider adopting her and her brother, Max.


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